Spring Cleaning Projects

After a long winter and piles of snow, spring brings warm days and sunshine. It is a perfect time to start home projects and spring cleaning.

Before you do anything else, check the windows, screens, and doors for any damage.
Then you can start cleaning the yard; if you haven’t raked leaves in the fall, now would be a good time. After you remove all the debris, you can trim tree branches and start planting new trees if you’d like to change or add to your landscaping.
Next step would be roof and gutter cleaning. Make sure to examine roof for any damage, see if shingles are missing and remove all the debris. Winter winds blow leaves and pine needles into gutters which can cause rainwater overflow. Remove all the debris and use a hose to clear the remainder dirt.
Leaves and other debris and grime collects on the decks, to clean that you can use a pressure wash. It is also important to reseal the wood, it will not only make it look more fresh, but also protects wood and helps it last longer.
Cleaning rugs and carpets might be the first thing you would want to do. You can either rent a carpet cleaning vacuum/machine or hire a professional company. Also clean windows inside and out; it is better to do it on a cloudy day, since cleaning solutions might dry too quickly.
Depending on your budget, repainting might be another way to freshen up your home. Updating your kitchen and bathrooms such as new lights, new hardware, it will not only make it look better, but also will add value to your home.


Flickr Creative Commons: Nathan Siemers (CC BY -SA 2.0)
All photos used under this license.