Top 5 Best Neighborhoods in the Twin Cities

Cathedral Hill is considered the oldest neighborhood. Full of Victorian Houses and many great places to eat and shop, it is a blend of past and preset, historic and modern architecture. It is a mature neighborhood and comes with a higher price tag, thus the residents are primarily over 42 years of age.

Northeast is a neighborhood that is rich in history and culture. It is surrounded bu the warehouses and buildings from the past which were transformed into varieties of galleries and working spaces. This area is a home to some of the best bars and dining in the Twin Cities. There are many art events and open gallerie tour in the Minneapolis Art District. This are draws a lot of artists and young families.

North Loop also known as the Warehouse District, used to be an industrial area and a home to many factories and warehouses. Now it is the fastest growing neighborhood and becoming more and more popular for younger families. It has a variety of restaurants and boutiques to choose from. More housing units are being added to the neighborhood, so the area is still developing with many projects in the works.

Uptown is a very vibrant and eclectic area filled with restaurants, movie theaters, coffee shops and stores. It is considered an area for young people. There are many apartments in the area as well as Lakefront houses since the neighborhood borders with Lake Calhoun, which is a popular place for runners and cyclists. The commercial district can be a bit loud at night thus it’s a popular place for younger people, though a couple of street away, the streets get more quiet and that’s were younger professional families prefer to live.

Lowertown is another St. Paul’s booming area. It is a very hip neighborhood popular among younger and  artsy people.  Many new residences and restaurants were built after the redevelopment of the area. Lowertown is a home to St.Paul’s Farmers Market, several art studios and an annual St.Paul Art Crawl.


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