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Built-Ins for Bow Wows and Meow Meows

If you are building or remodeling it is important to know what you want, but it is also important to design your home with your pet in mind. Because who are we kidding- we treat our pets like our like our children and we want them to have the best. However, oftentimes the designs of their areas stick out from the rest of the house in unfavorable ways. Luckily, designers today are embracing this challenge and setting out to build unique and aesthetically pleasing pet accommodations. Whether it be for sleeping, feeding or relaxing, these pet friendly built ins are sure to please. For the original article from Attic Magazine on Built-Ins for Pets, click here.


Feeding Area

Instead of your normal feeding area, imagine sleek cabinets with drawers for dry kibble and built in dog bowls at base. This clever cabinetry helps alleviate tripping over the bowls and the subsequent scattering of kibble.



Why not utilize nooks and crannies for dog beds? Areas such as under a window seat or below a staircase are perfect for keeping Spot’s bed out of sight.


Pet Gates

Pet gates are another area of trouble. Many of us resort to plastic baby gates to alleviate this problem. But wait! A better solution is in store! Custom gates for stairways that blend into the rest of the house can protect children and pets alike.


The Litter Box

Ah the illusive litter box… it is enough to send any cat lady screaming. Unsightly plastic litter trays are now being hidden in clever new ways. For instance, curtains under a laundry room sink  or faux cabinets with a hidden door for Whiskers on the side help hide this unattractive necessity.


However, if undertaking a total remodeling project seems like a daunting task, check out these DIY pet projects and other tips for living with pets on our At Home With Pets Pintrest board. On the other hand, if you are up for the challenge check out Attic Magazine’s article on pet built-ins for further inspiration. Regardless of the design approach you take, remember to keep your furry friends in mind.