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12 Dog Breeds Suitable for City Living

Yearning for a canine companion, but living in a concrete jungle? We feel your pain. Here are 12 dog breeds that, according to the AKC, have low to medium energy levels, which we have deemed to be city friendly. These pooches only need a little bit of exercise each day, and with city homes as small as ever, won’t make your place feel too cramped! Take them outside the city though, and they’ll love to join you for a (short) hike!


1. Affenpischer

Flickr Creative Commons: Ger Dekker

Flickr Creative Commons: Ger Dekker

The Affenpinscher walks with confidence, and has a notoriously remarkable sense of humor. Making friends everywhere they go, the Affenpinscher is sure to improve your social life while on walks through the city.


2. Boston Terrier

Flickr Creative Commons: Tricia

Flickr Creative Commons: Tricia

These little guys have brains so big, their eyes bug out! But really, in all seriousness, Boston Terriers are clever dogs who love to play. These goofy dogs will make your home a happier place.


3. Japanese Chin


Flickr Creative Commons: Krysta

The Japanese Chin is a loyal dog who is very affectionate towards its owners. While on walks, these dogs will pay no attention to strangers. If you are looking for a dog who minds its own business, the Japanese Chin could be for you!


4. Airedale Terrier

Flickr Creative Commons: Lulu Hoeller

Flickr Creative Commons: Lulu Hoeller

While the friendly Airedale Terrier isn’t overly rambunctious, they do need tasks to keep them occupied. If locked up in an apartment all day, make sure to leave activities like these for your canine pal.


5. Corgi

Flickr Creative Commons: Mei

Flickr Creative Commons: Mei

Corgis are alert, loving pups that are great with kids (though they might try to herd them). A true family dog, the Corgi will bark to make sure you aware of intruders in your home. For this reason, this breed would do best in a stand-alone home as to not aggravate apartment neighbors.


6. Basset Hound

Flickr Creative Commons: Don Debold

Flickr Creative Commons: Don DeBold

These charming doggies are as lazy as they come. The Basset Hound will spend most of the day snoring and dreaming of rabbits. They do like to get out now and then, and will occasionally let out a howl or two.


7. Bulldog

Flickr Creative Commons: Carodean Road Designs

Flickr Creative Commons: Carodean Road Designs

The Bulldog might look like an intimidating creature, but really, they are just slobbery wrinkle-faced cuddle monsters. They are the 4th most popular dog breed for a reason!


8. Maltese

Flickr Creative Commons: ErnieXavier

Flickr Creative Commons: ErnieXavier

This little furry guy is a Maltese. They are gentle and friendly, which makes them especially suited for families with young children. They are also good for those tiny downtown apartments!


9. Puli

Flickr Creative Commons: Anita Ritenour

Flickr Creative Commons: Anita Ritenour

Puli’s, with their highly recognizable dreadlocks, are a loving breed. They are fit to be herding dogs, but love being with their family as well. If you can get this guy out and about every day, he will do well living the city life.


10. Cavalier King Charles

Flickr Creative Commons: leisergu

Flickr Creative Commons: leisergu

The easily trained Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is small enough for your condo, but has a heart big enough for your entire family. This breed’s disposition is as sweet as their little faces.


11. Chinese Crested

Flickr Creative Commons: DM

Flickr Creative Commons: DM

A unique looking pooch, the Chinese Crested is lively without being too hyper. They only have hair on their head, tail, and feet which makes them ideal for allergy-prone pet owners.


12. Pug

Flickr Creative Commons: e_haya

Flickr Creative Commons: e_haya

Who doesn’t love Pugs? Their flat smooshy noses are irresistible. Pugs are prone to obesity though, so be sure to strut them down your city street once a day, or else those cute smooshed noses will have a hard time breathing.


Do you and your canine pal enjoy living in the city? Let us know!

Five Pooch-Friendly Products for Winter

Winter is still here and it’s not going anywhere for a while. For some pet-owners a lot has to be done around the house once temperatures start dropping. These products mentioned below are important to have around the house to make both, your and your dog’s life much easier.

1. Freedom Pet Pass Door

This product is a huge upgrade from the old school doggie doors. During winter one of the worst things is wind, and because some doggie doors are made of thing material or not made for winter time, dog-owners are constantly having to let their dog in and out of the house. Who’s got the energy for that? That’s why these were invented. Magnetic strips on all sides and your dog will feel safe to come in and out as much as (s)he needs to without you having to worry about it at all.

2. Puppy Go Potty

If its something we’ve seen this year is that when it snows, it snows hard. Sometimes the weather may not allow for our pets, or even ourselves to do outside. In these situations, be assure that Puppy Go Potty Liter will help any situation that arises. It seals any odor, and is made out of organic material. Tell us if you currently have a product like this in the house and how it’s working out for you in the comment section below!

3. Soothe & Shield Paw Balm

Winter walks can be very harsh on a dog’s paws. The winter elements, such as ice, snow, and even the salt on the roads can be hurtful to their paws and sometimes even painful. This balm will protect your dog’s paws, and prevent any damage from the cold winter walks.

4. Dog Boots

Most of the people reading this who are dog owners are most likely dog owners themselves and already have more than a couple of dog boots at home. We know at least the Minnesotans do! But for all our dear readers out there who might have just recently adopted a dog, then go ahead and click here so you and your dog can enjoy walks in the snow with no problem. The product itself is self-explanatory, it will protect your dog’s paws from the cold and let him run around without being uncomfortable by the cold.

5. Spill-proof mats

To avoid your dog’s water bowl from getting too cold on the floor, it’s a good idea to have this spill-proof mats. Not only does it avoid a mess but it also allows your dog’s water to stay at room temperature. Not too shabby, right?


Photo by Josh / Flickr: Creative Commons

Well dear reader this is where we end our post. Hopefully this has given you some guidance as a dog-owner, as to what to do during the winter time. Let us in the comment section below if you have any of these products and how they’ve worked out for you! Or if you’re thinking of buying one as well!



6 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Break out your masks and monsters! Its Halloween, and time to be scared! While being afraid at Halloween is actually a lot of fun for humans, it can be an especially stressful for pets. Between the combination of strangers, costumes, and continual door bell ringing it is no wonder that this is a terrifying time for our furry friends. Read on for tips and tricks on how to avoid a real scare and keep your pet safe this Halloween.


1). No Human Treats for Pets

While candy and other chocolates can be a tasty treat for humans, these sweets can be extremely harmful for pets. Besides chocolate, watch out for gum and sugarless candy sweetened with xylitol which can be lethal for Fido. In the event that your pet does eat something dangerous, immediately call your vet or the Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435).

The next day, or after trick or treaters leave, be sure to check for stray wrappers or other bits of candy they may have dropped. You don’t want Rover to find these before you do.

Instead, why not spoil your dog and make these homemade peanut butter, bacon & pumpkin dog treats? They are super easy to make and we promise your dog will love you for it.

2). Keep an Eye out For Decorations

In a home with pets, it goes without saying that Jack-o’- lanterns lit with candles are a bad idea. Curious creatures can easily knock them over and cause a fire. Instead, opt for artificial or battery powered lights for your decorating needs.

Similarly, decorations are not chew toys. Prevent pets from chewing on cords by keeping cords off the floor and out of reach. If chewed, Fido could suffer from cuts, burns or life threatening shocks. Better yet, try to keep your decorations outside to prevent problems before they happen.

3). Be Careful with Costumes

According to the Humane Society of the United States, an estimated half of pet owners dress their pets in costumes for Halloween. Pumpkins and ladybugs are the perennial favorites.

While pet costumes may be hilarious, it is important to keep your pet’s best interest at heart. Do the right thing and double check that your pet can comfortably breath, walk, eat and go to the bathroom. In addition to what your pet is wearing, be aware of how long your pet is dressed up. Oftentimes, these costumes are made from irritating fabric that can become uncomfortable or tight over long periods of time.Not to mention, it is important to be wary of small parts can be torn off and gobbled up. Just the thought of Rover chewing off and ingesting part of his costume is downright terrifying.


4). Keep Pets indoors

Before nightfall, take your pets indoors. While pets are always safest indoors at night, this is especially true on Halloween in order to avoid pranksters who may want to harm pets.

5). Keep pet in secure place

Even the best behaved pets can become anxious or worked up during the Halloween commotion. Reduce stress for pets by putting them in a separate area with their favorite bed and toys well before trick or treaters arrive. This way they will have a safe haven where they can feel secure, comfortable, relaxed while being tucked away from any hazards.

Similarly, even if you are just having friends over for a Halloween party, keep your pets away from the festivities in their safe room. Even familiar people may become scary as masks and costumes change how people look and smell to a pet.

6) Make sure ID tags are on

Unfortunately, it is possible that your pet may accidentally run out the door or get lost amidst all the Halloween excitement. Should anything happen, you want to make sure Fluffy is safely returned to you. Pet owners, please double check that your furry friends are wearing their tags. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

Lastly, while it may be the spookiest night of the year, remember to have fun! If you don’t have a timid dog or a scaredy cat get them involved too so all the family can participate and have a tail wagging good time. Happy “Howloween” from RNR Realty!

Built-Ins for Bow Wows and Meow Meows

If you are building or remodeling it is important to know what you want, but it is also important to design your home with your pet in mind. Because who are we kidding- we treat our pets like our like our children and we want them to have the best. However, oftentimes the designs of their areas stick out from the rest of the house in unfavorable ways. Luckily, designers today are embracing this challenge and setting out to build unique and aesthetically pleasing pet accommodations. Whether it be for sleeping, feeding or relaxing, these pet friendly built ins are sure to please. For the original article from Attic Magazine on Built-Ins for Pets, click here.


Feeding Area

Instead of your normal feeding area, imagine sleek cabinets with drawers for dry kibble and built in dog bowls at base. This clever cabinetry helps alleviate tripping over the bowls and the subsequent scattering of kibble.



Why not utilize nooks and crannies for dog beds? Areas such as under a window seat or below a staircase are perfect for keeping Spot’s bed out of sight.


Pet Gates

Pet gates are another area of trouble. Many of us resort to plastic baby gates to alleviate this problem. But wait! A better solution is in store! Custom gates for stairways that blend into the rest of the house can protect children and pets alike.


The Litter Box

Ah the illusive litter box… it is enough to send any cat lady screaming. Unsightly plastic litter trays are now being hidden in clever new ways. For instance, curtains under a laundry room sink  or faux cabinets with a hidden door for Whiskers on the side help hide this unattractive necessity.


However, if undertaking a total remodeling project seems like a daunting task, check out these DIY pet projects and other tips for living with pets on our At Home With Pets Pintrest board. On the other hand, if you are up for the challenge check out Attic Magazine’s article on pet built-ins for further inspiration. Regardless of the design approach you take, remember to keep your furry friends in mind.

Pet Traveling Tips

The full original post can be found here: Pet Traveling Tips.

Looks like this doggy duo is ready to hit the road! But are they "up to speed" on their vaccinations?

Looks like this adorable doggy duo is ready to hit the road! But are they “up to speed” on their vaccinations? Photo by Cindy Kowalski © 2013 (CC BY 2.0)

Summer is a prime travel time, whether you’re going on a quick weekend getaway or a long road trip. If you’re planning on bringing your furbabies along for the ride, though, you’ll need to take extra precautions to make sure they’re comfortable, content, and in good health so they don’t end up putting a damper on your vacation. Remember to get them up-to-date on all their necessary vaccinations before you set out, and plan ahead to make stops at hotels that are for sure pet-friendly. And don’t forget to pack their favorite toys as well as the food/water dishes they’re accustomed to, so they’ll feel somewhat at home. Keep in mind: the easier you make the trip for Spot and Kitty, the easier they’ll make the trip for you. Happy tails – oops, we mean trails – to you!

For the entire list of tips for traveling with pets, go to blogpaws.com.