Tips on Staging Your House for Photos


Flickr Creative Commons: Wicker Paradise

There are always people who are wanting to buy a house, but with many houses on the market, it makes it difficult for sellers to stand out from the rest. A seller should seek out a professional to professionally stage their house and get a professional photographer to take listing photos, no cell phone pictures. Here are a few tips on staging your house.

Lighting can be your friend when staging a house. The angles which light can embellish will make rooms look larger and wider. If you are looking to correct symmetry and imperfections, or will the best angles of a room show, you can preview it, odds are that you have a tool in your pocket with a camera built into it. With your camera, take pre photos and this should give you an idea, as to the display or time of day you would like certain rooms photographed.

Wrinkles can be a beautiful thing on people, but, for example, on curtains and table runners, the camera will exaggerate the wrinkles to their full. Take a little time and get professional steamer of a hot iron and relieve them. Buyers want to feel refreshed when looking at a potential house, wrinkles do the opposite.

Colors, Colors, Colors. Colors can be your friend, well if done accordingly. There are neutrals and there are colors. The neutrals are black, white, grey, brown, beige, cream, silver, and at times gold. These form a good base for your room. You can add as many as you want, but there are colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. These colors must be used accordingly. Then there is a color story, they might be blues or reds or colors of the peacock, or teal and yellow. Word of caution, use only one color story line per room.

Make sure to use camera filters and other editing features in moderation. You don’t want to loose a client by taking pictures that make a house look better than in reality.

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