How To Easily Travel With Pets



Do you ever feel guilty leaving your pets behind when you travel? We know, we understand. All pet owners are familiar with that feeling. Don’t worry, we’ve found an article that lists for you all the necessary preparations you need to easily travel with your dear pets. Find the original article here.

1. Find Pet Friendly Hotels.

We often are in such a rush to find a good deal on hotels we forget to check hotel’s pet policies. Some welcome pets with no problem, others not at all. Be sure to check if the hotel you book allows pets in rooms and provides the right needs for your them, too.


2. Let him/her go potty!

Just like any other baby, they all need to go to the bathroom and it’s important to take those breaks in order for him or her to do so. You know your pet, if he or she seems restless it’s probably time to stop and go potty.


3. Puppy pads are a must!

You never know… when they need to go, they need to go. Be prepared just in case. Bring some extra not only for the ride to wherever you’re going to, but also for where you’ll be staying.


4. Go for a longer ride than usual.

Is this your pet’s first time traveling? It would be a good idea to train him/her to expect a longer car ride than usual. Take a 2-4 hour ride and notice how they act. Do they get agitated, or motion sickness? Hopefully they wont, but see if they can stomach the travel when it does happen. That way you both won’t have any unexpected surprises.  Good luck with this one!



5. Take their medications and proper food.

Don’t forget their medicine, or to be aware of their diet restriction if they have any. This is probably a very obvious point but no harm in reminding. Create a checklist, reminders on your phone if they need to take medications at certain times. With all the hectic traveling you might forget. Avoid problems, where they can be avoided.


6. Airlines and their Pet Policies.

Do they accept pets on the plane? Some have a weight limit, and some might be more lenient about it. Call and make sure you have everything set before you bring your pet to the airport. Familiarize yourself with the process of the handling of pets. Some are taken with the luggage, so it’s good to know where your pet will be at all times when they aren’t with you. Click here for a list of Pet-friendly airlines.


7. Crate ’em

We know, it’s not easy to seem them in a little cage. While you might think it’s okay to let them roam around the car, it might distract you and cause a crash. Avoid this at all cost. If you know your pet gets restless or might distract you while driving we strongly recommend you follow this step.


8. Collars with Tags and Emergency Contact Info are a must.

You can never be too safe with this. In case you and your pet separate make sure your contact information on their tag. Again, avoid this at all cost. But, if it happens make sure the information on the tag is updated, and your current number is there.


9. Pack their Toys, Blankets, Pillows, etc.

Just like sometimes we like to take our own pillows to friend’s sleepovers, taking your dog’s blankets, pillows or anything they usually carry around will help them feel at ease as well. These items will smell like home to them and they won’t feel so out of place when they travel.


So dear reader this is where we end this blog post. We hope you have safe travels and this list of tips finds you just in time before those travels, and hopefully saves you some headaches. Safe travels and Happy Holidays!!