Winter DIY Home Improvement Projects

If you are looking to improve things around the house then why not do it during the cold months. Chances are you will be stuck inside and it might be the best time to do some home improvements, which might save you money on energy bills and increase property values. If you are up for some handy work during these cold months, here are some project ideas.

While you are inside, why stare at those boring walls all winter season. Give them some fresh life with paint. Yes, you can paint during the winter months; there is a variety of environmentally friendly and waterborne paint to choose from, and this way no windows need to be open, because there are virtually no fumes. In addition, dry air will help the paint to dry quicker. Another little touch you can add is crown molding, which will change the look and feel of the whole room. In addition to paint, wall paper is making a comeback; if the wall paper doesn’t fit your style, you could add vibrance by creating strips and patterns.


Flickr Creative Commons: United Soybean Board (CC BY 2.0)

Another great improvement that can be done in the winter is work on the kitchen. Adding backsplash can add character to any kitchen and make your counter tops stand out. If you do it yourself, be careful, mistakes can happen, such as not spending enough time to prep and lay out patterns beforehand, and that can lead to irregular lines and spaces. At times, it may be better to call a professional.


Flickr Creative Commons: Granite Charlotte Countertops (CC BY 2.0)

Next great winter home project is to refurbish interior doors. They have a big visual impact; thus, by modernizing them you will keep everything looking updated. Some budget ways to freshen the doors are to paint them, change the doorknobs, or add molding to the ones that do not have it.

Whatever you do this winter, whether it is painting, wall papering, adding backsplash, or refurbishing interior doors, it should add a new look to your house which should increase the value of your house. If you are going to invest time, energy, and a little bit of money, make sure it is right the first time.

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