Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Exotic Pet

Hedgehogs are becoming more and more popular as pets, but there are some things to consider before you decide to have it as a pet. One of the obvious reasons is that when they feel threatened the curl into a prickly ball; also, if you prefer quiet nights, they might not be a pet for you, they are nocturnal, so they sleep through the day and are very active at night. In addition, they make various squealing and sniffing noises. Another important fact to keep in mind is that they carry diseases that are contagious to people, so make sure to wash your hands and keep their cages clean.


Flickr Creative Commons: Hands Optek

Sugar Gliders got their name because they like to eat anything sweet and they also have gliding membrane. They make good pets and are not very difficult to keep, but like any other pet they require attention and care. There are couple things to know about them, they cannot be potty trained, but their habits are very predictable and they are very clean animals and do not require bathing. Also, they are nocturnal animals as well and will be up at night. They are pretty clever little animals and bond with their owners as much as dogs and cats do, it does take time for them to get used to though.


Flickr Creative Commons: Ryan Lee

Ferrets are also very intelligent. They also are very social and bond with their owners, but they do require training and a lot of attention. As to the supplies, you will need a cage, a litter box, a hammock and sleep sack and, of course, a lot of toys. They usually need two types of bed because they are very prone to heatstroke and having bed options lets them regulate their body heat. They are very playful and will need to have about two hours out of cage time.


Flickr Creative Commons: Scott Oves

Chinchillas, unlike other mentioned animals, are very low maintenance and don’t have a very distinct smell. They are relatively easy to train and develop strong habits, so you can train them to play at a specific time etc. For the most part, they are cute little animals that make great pets, but they are not for everyone. Children should be cautious with them because they will bit if squeezed too tight. They should not be let running around or they will chew everything. Also, if they are not trained and used to you early in their age, they might be skittish and aggressive.


Flickr Creative Commons: Jennifer McGinn

As you can tell, they are cute pets to have, but before committing to either one of them, make sure that an animal fits your lifestyle and you have time and energy to take care of them!


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