How to Feng Shui your Home

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Making sure that your home is balanced with Feng Shui, should be a top priority of any homeowners. This ancient style of Chinese decoration can promote a comfortable home and balanced life.  To achieve this in your home you must incorporate pieces pf wood, fire, earth, water, and metal.  By having all of these things perfectly placed in your home, your home will feel balanced and peaceful. The description of these objects and their power was originally written in an article by HGTV.

1) Wood: By having wood, plants, trees, flowers, or wood furniture,  you are incorporating wood into your home.  By doing to, you are stimulating creativity,flexibility, strength, and intuition. If you lack the right amount of wood, you home can feel stagnant, depressing, and bored.



Flickr Creative Commons: Markus Grossabler

2) Fire-  By having bright shades of colors, candles, a fireplace, or animal prints to your space, you are increasing the amount of fire within your home.  In doing so you are increasing your enthusiasm and leadership. Make sure not to have to much fire, because it can lead to anger and aggression. The perfect balance can increase your self esteem and self worth.

3) Earth- To add earth shapes into your home, you must includes earth colors, like beige, green, and brown.  You could also add low/flat rectangular objects and pictures of landscapes.  By increasing the amount of  earth in your home, you will feel a sense of grounding and stability. The earth tones with create focus and relaxation.


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4) Water-  To include water in your home, you should include mirrors, fountains, deep blue colors,  and free form shapes.  By including water in your home your will increase your wisdom, insightfulness, and patience.  Having to little of water,  can promote loneliness, isolation ad stress.

5) Metal-  This one is simple to accomplish, as long as you have metals like gold, silver, or iron within your home. This can also include bricks, stones, and natural pastel gray and silver colors.  By including metal in your home you are promoting clarity and logic.

By including water, metal, earth,fire, and  wood, you will have a balanced home and more satisfying life. Click on the links below for several different ways to arrange these five things in your home!