5 Places to Find Great Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just a few weeks away and it’s time to start worrying about planning what to wear this Halloween. Maybe you’re feeling arts-and-crafty and planning on fashioning an original costume yourself or you’re just going to buy something off the rack. Or maybe you’re already trying to remember what costumes you have laying around from Halloweens past.
“Now to avoid anything remotely sharp for the next four hours and

                    it’s another successful Halloween Janene!!”  


So before you start tearing the house apart to find that Austin Powers outfit from 1999,

do us all a favor and click a link below.  


Homemade Costume Ideas for the Kids


Ideas For Creative Costumes


Cheap Costumes to Buy


104 Cheap Costumes You Can Make


Costumes to Avoid If You’re Trying to be Original


                              “I told you to keep me out of this”