Payne-Phalen, MN

The Payne-Phalen neighborhood is also known as the “Greater Eastside”. The neighborhood is in a great location and has great parks, lakes, trails, as well as great coffee shops and restaurants. Many Germans, Irish and Italians made it home in early times. It used to be a very industrial area, but many companies closed and then many new Americans and Latin Americans made this neighborhood their home.

The cost of living in Payne-Phalen is cheaper than in other parts of St. Paul, and some properties can be half a cost compared to other parts of the city. While renting a one-bedroom apartment in St Paul costs $839 on average, you can get the same in Payne-Phalen for around $700.

There are many traditional houses in Payne-Phalen. There are a lot of Italiante, Queen Anne and Bungalow style houses built in 1800’s and 1900’s. Parts of the neighborhood, close to Phalen Park, also have rambler and ranch-style homes built in the 1950s and later.

Luxury Homes 2

There are a lot of restaurants and bistros in the neighborhood. For those who love spicy foods, check peppery curries at Eastside Thai, spicy fajitas at Taqueria Los Ocampo or hot Szechuan Style Pork at Sui Yep Cafe.

Tongue in Cheek is an East Side bistro where you can try delicious wild salmon or steak. If you want to try a variety of options at once, you can have a seven-course tasting menu.

Tongue and Cheek

At Ward 6 East Side you can find an affordable sandwich, cocktails. It is also a place to listen to live music. There are options for nightlife as well. Vogel’s Lounge is a dive bar that has been popular since the 40’s; this is a place to relax, play dart and watch games. You can also check out LoDo,  the Bulldog Lowertown or Kelly’s Depot Bar. If you are a fan of swing dancing, the Wabasha Street Caves would be a great choice for that.

There are not as many places for shopping except floral stores and bookstores, though the neighborhood is close to downtown, which is a popular place for Payne-Phalen residents. If you like small boutiques, head to Grand Avenue that has plenty of those.

There are also a lot of outdoor options if you choose to live in Payne-Phalen. You can go for a walk along the Lake Phalen or take your puppy to the Arlington-Arkwright Dog Park where you furry friend can enjoy some off-leash time.

Park by Picnic Pavilion 2

There are also many parks and trails, and golf courses. In the fall you can go to Payne Arcade Harvest Festival and Parade.

Golf Course 10

Another great convenience of the neighborhood is that there are public transportation options.Metro Transit route 64 runs through the neighborhood, taking residents to downtown St. Paul or far flung suburbs such as White Bear Lake. Bikers enjoy the safety of bicycle lanes throughout the neighborhood and into downtown.

Many restaurants and shops are opening in the area, which makes Payne-Phalen a vibrant neighborhood!




Neighborhood Resources

Neighborhood Schools

Faith Communities

 Ames Elementary School  East Emmanuel Lutheran Church
 Bruce Vento Elementary School  Payne-Phalen Evangelical Free
 Farnsworth Aerospace Elementary School  New Hope Baptist Church
 Frost Lake Magnet School  Holy Trinity Church Garden
 Phalen Lake Elementary School  First Covenant Church
 Johnson High School  St.Patrick’s of St.Paul

Public Parks

Local Restaurants

 Phalen Recreation Center   Tongue in Cheek
 Phalen Regional Park   Vogel’s Lounge
 Gateway Trail  Wabasha Street Caves
 Wilder Recreation Center  Ward 6 East Side
 Arlington Arkwright Off-Leash Dog Park  Cook