Tips for a Successful Property Rehab

Rehabbing a house is not an easy task. It is very difficult to avoid making mistakes, especially if doing it first time. Here are some tips that can help avoid turning a rehab into a disaster.

Get a home inspection. You might not want to spend extra money on home inspection and would prefer to conduct an inspection on your own, but there is a chance you might miss some hidden damages. They are easy to overlook as they might be covered by decor items or clutter, and, in the end, it will end up costing more than hiring a professional home inspector. Not only it will help you avoid trouble later on, but also will give you a good idea on how to spread your budget.

Make sure to get all the needed permits. Permits are needed not only for general projects, but also for plumbing, electricity, and roofing. In many cases this is what causes a lot of trouble. So make sure to go to the local county and get all the necessary permits to start remodeling.

Picking cheap materials, finishes. With unexpected expenses in the process or a tight budget, many choose to save on materials and finishes. Some choose to save on countertops and hardware or even thinner walls, but all it will do is make the property look very cheap or it will need repairs soon, thus it will be difficult to sell.

Trying to save money and doing it yourself. Some might be tempted to save money and try do to some projects themselves. It might not be a good idea if you are not a professional. It’s better to pay someone experienced to complete the project correct the first time, than spending money and time redoing it.

Decor items. Keep in mind that it is important to appeal to the average home buyer. You will want to pick neutral colors, such as beige or off whites. Also, make sure you use the paint that will withstand humidity in the bathrooms and utility room,s and will also be easy to clean. Remember, first impression is key, so make sure the house is clean, warm and cozy!


Flickr Creative Commons: Sitka Projects
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