Thanksgiving around the World

Thanksgiving is known to be celebrated in the US and Canada. But, it is also celebrated in other countries such as Liberia, Japan, Netherlands, and the Norfolk Islands.

Since Liberia was founded by freed American slaves, it is the country that traditionally celebrates Thanksgiving and it is celebrated on the first Thursday of November. As a tradition people go to churches and concerts. Then they get together for a dinner, and traditionally they have roasted chicken and mashed cassava.

Thanksgiving is also celebrated in the Netherlands. Before pilgrims settled in Plymouth Rock, they came to Leiden, the Netherlands and lived there for 11 years. One of their traditions is to attend a service in Pieterskerk gothic church. They also have family Thanksgiving dinners where  traditional turkey and mashed potatoes are served.

Thanksgiving in Japan is not celebrated the same as in the US; it used to be a fall harvest festival. Now it is called Labor Day Thanksgiving, when people celebrated workers and thank them for hard work, and it is celebrated around the same time as in the US.

Norfolk Islands used to be a British colony in 19th century; it was a frequent port for many American ships; they brought many american traditions and recipes that fit well with English harvest festival celebrated at the island at that time. Thus, Thanksgiving celebrations have taken root. It is celebrated on the last Wednesday in November. Their traditional Thanksgiving meal is roasted pork, chicken, and baked bananas.

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