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20 Best Cities for Trick or Treating 2014

Housing giant Zillow has done it again, and released it’s 6th annual “Trick or Treating Index”, which ranks the top 20 cities in the US for collecting candy. Ratings are based on where to find the most candy, the safest streets and the least amount of walking between houses. While San Francisco may have stolen the spot for #1, our very own Minneapolis ranked #14, beating out Phoenix, Columbus and Milwaukee! Woohoo! For a deeper look into this madness and breakdown of the hottest neighborhoods, the full article from Zillow can be found here.

20 Best Cities for Trick or Treating

  1.  San Francisco                   11. Denver
  2. Los Angeles                       12. Pittsburg
  3. Chicago                             13. Washington
  4. Philadelphia                      14. Minneapolis
  5. San Jose                            15. Virginia Beach
  6. Honolulu                           16. Phoenix
  7. Boston                              17. Columbus
  8. Seattle                               18. Milwaukee
  9. San Diego                          19. Las Vegas
  10. Portland                            20. Baltimore

In addition, they even took the guess work out of finding exactly where to go and ranked the hottest neighborhoods within each city. How sweet is that?! So before you and your brood hit the pavement on Halloween, check out the list below for the go to neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Ambitious trick or treaters may even embrace this challenge and try to hit up all five neighborhoods. If that is the case, consider using the route developed by City Pages to ensure you make it to them all before bedtime hits!

Top 5 Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

  1. Linden Hills
  2. Lynnhurst
  3. Cedar-Isles
  4. Fulton
  5. Tangletown

So there you have it readers, a list of the top 20 cities for trick or treating. With Minneapolis weighing in at #14, and a list of the best neighborhoods to hit, we can bet that our pillowcases will be overflowing with treats by the end of the night! Again, for more details check out Zillow’s entire ranking at “20 Best Cities for Trick or Treating“. Happy (almost) Halloween!