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Downsizing a Home for Moving

If you happen to be moving to a smaller place, then you will likely have to find a way to remove some of your possessions in favor of a more lighter solution. The longer we live in a single place, the more time we take to gather up quite a few items. Moving can however be quite expensive so you need to consider these expenses beforehand. The article ahead will give you a few tips on how you can downsize your belongings to a more manageable size, reducing things and making them cheaper to move:

Think about your needs

A lot of the exercise equipment or furniture you have around your home is likely not used for the most part. If you happen to have any furniture in storage or if you think what you own can go for a change, then you may want to do something about it so you’ll find them a new home. This will be a good opportunity to make use of them by either selling them, making some money in the process, or to donate them somewhere where they can do more good. The same goes for any clothes you may have around your home that you can donate to a thrift store. Some books you believe you will never read can also be given away to your local library, so someone can read them instead or you can find a way to sell them online.

Check all locations

Going right through every spot you have around your home and removing what you don’t need is a must. Check the contents of each drawer, container, cabinet, closet and anything else you can find. Lay things out in the open and reconsider what you don’t need and what you do so you’ll have an easier time ahead.

Make a good floor plan

Measure the furniture you own, as well as the size of the doorways in your old and new home. Mark these down and make a floor plan so you can decide what you can do to place it there and move it. Without a plan like that you will have a much harder time dealing with things.

Check out for storage

It’s likely the storage containers and boxes you own may have not seen daylight in a long time. When you’re moving your things, make sure you move the larger items first so they can go at the end of the truck. These will be much harder to deal with if you’re not ready for them once moving day arrives.

Donating excess items

You can always make a yard sale to make some quick money out of the whole thing. In most cases this will help with your taxes or give you more money in the process so you can spend it on your moving expenses or any other thing you need.