Sharing a Thanksgiving Meal with Your Pet?

Flickr Creative Commons: geraldbrazell

Flickr Creative Commons: geraldbrazell

Holidays are fast approaching and it is time for many holiday dinners. It is such a fun time for the whole family, but we all know that our little companions will be begging for some table scraps and we won’t be able to resist, but let’s make sure we are careful and avoid giving them harmful foods.

If you feed your pet some turkey, make sure it is well cooked and boneless. Cooked bones splinter, so it is better to avoid giving them poultry or fish bones. Also, turkey should be skinless, since the skin is very fatty and is hard to digest.

This might be a surprise, but onions are toxic to cats and dogs. Eating even 1/4 of a cup can make can make them sick. Eating onions can cause small clumps and red blood cells and might lead to anemia.

As many know, chocolate can be fatal to cats and dogs, but grapes and raisins are toxic to them as well, and can cause kidney damage. It is better to keep all the sweets out of their reach.

If you still give your pet Thanksgiving leftovers, make sure it’s a very small amount of safe food like skinless/boneless turkey, plain carrots, mashed potatoes, or gravy that is free of onion and spices.

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