Quick ways to improve your home value

If you are planning on selling your home or even if you are not planning to sell, you can start improvements now for profits later, and there are some easy and inexpensive ways to do that. Even small improvements can really pay off.

Cleaning. Getting rid of clutter and grime is probably one of the most important things to do as it can drive buyers away. Try to declutter and sort through things you don’t need and, possibly, have a garage sale to get rid of unnecessary things. Even if you are not planning to sell, it’s a good idea to sell what you don’t need anymore and make some extra cash.

Painting. A fresh coat of paint can change the feel of the whole house. You can change a color to more neutral ones or just add a fresh coat of paint. Another easy fix would be to paint doors as well, it will freshen everything up. You can do some research on what colors are best to use. Most buyers prefer neutrals since it’s less personal and it is easier for them to imagine themselves in a home.

Making repairs. You can start by fixing anything that is broken such as leaky faucets, loose light fixture. Kitchen is one of the most important rooms that sell the home, so it makes sense that it is important to spend some time updating it. Adding a fresh coat of paint, changing cabinet hardware and curtains would be an easy fix that will freshen the space and will give a clean look. Another important room to update is a bathroom, so changing faucets and adding brighter light fixture can change the look tremendously. If you can spend a little more, you can add new vanity and tile the floors.

As with interior, it is important to make some exterior work such as minor repairs, cleaning the yard and power washing the siding. These tips are an easy way to maintain your home and have it ready if you need to sell!


Flickr Creative Commons: Scott Lewis (CC BY 2.0)
All photos used under this license.