Popular Home Styles


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Craftsman home style became popular in the 20th century and it was inspired by two architects, Greene brothers, who were influenced by English Arts and Crafts movement.  Some characteristics of craftsman house are gabled roof, front porch, tapered columns, stone details.


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Colonial style homes are influenced by 18th century European colonists who brought their influence with. One of the main features is that colonial houses are square and the front door is in the middle of the home. Also, there are usually two windows on each side of the door. Some other characteristics are shutters and wood detailing.


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Traditional style homes are the most commonly built, they can have a ranch-style plans or two-story house plans. There are many different styles that can accommodate a broad range of buyers. They have open floor plans up to date elements.


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European-style homes are inspired by the European architecture such as Tuscan, English, Spanish and French. The exterior of such a house is usually brick or stone. Another characteristic of a European house is multi-peaked rooflines and bay windows.


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Ranch-style houses became popular in 1950s and 1960s, their convenience and flexibility in floor plans made it very popular after the World War-II growth. The are single story, long, low rooflines, large windows, attached garage, and brick or wood exterior.

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