Mall of America Holiday Shopping


Flickr Creative Commons: Aine

Mall of America is the largest mall in America, hence the name. The mall is so big that 7 Yankee Stadiums could fit in it, or 32 Boeing 747’s. So if you are looking to shopping, for any reason, and you are in the area, MOA is where it is at.


Flickr Creative Commons: Random Retail

This holiday season, if you are looking to pick up any holiday gifts for the loved ones, then shop at MOA. It has 520+ stores, so you can find that little something for anyone, even if they are hard to shop for. If you have ever been to MOA, you may have noticed that the temperature never changes, it is always 70 degrees, no matter if it is winter or summer.

If you are searching for that empty parking spot and you can not find one, just remember, you are not alone, someone else is searching for one of 12,550 car filled spaces. Moreover, MOA will always looks clean, especially with a trash-less floor, thanks to the 11,000 year round employees and 2,000 bonus employees during the holidays.


Flickr Creative Commons: Ted

Have you ever thought, if you went holiday shopping, and you wanted to look in every store at MOA, how long would it take? According to MOA facts, assuming, you spent 10 minutes in each store, it would take you 86 hours! If you like to ride rides, you are in luck. While you are at MOA, check out Nickelodeon Universe, you will see lots of greenery; well, at least 30,000+ live plants and 400 live trees climbing as high as 35 feet. It took 65 semi-trucks to transport all those trees.

In the event you are holiday shopping at MOA, appreciate every detail the mall has to offer, like the 4.87 million square feet, which is enough to fit 258 statue of liberties. Just remember, next time you are in the state of 10,000+ lakes, whether you are local or not-so local. Be happy that you are in the largest mall that America has to offer with a wide vanity of shopping sections.

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