How to survive cabin fever with kids


Spring is almost here, but it doesn’t feel that way in Minnesota. With all the snow days kids have had from school this winter, we know you’re running out of ways to keep the kids entertained indoors, so try these indoor activities to survive cabin fever with kids.

Although there’s plenty of ice outside for ice hockey, balloon hockey can be a great alternative for the indoors. All you need is some balloons, some cardboard, tape and a large box.


Create a fort with old sheets and blankets. With a child’s imagination, the fort can become a library, campsite, school, restaurant or anything they come up with! Help them add coordinating props, such as books for a library or a lantern for camping. And don’t be too offended when they say no grown-ups allowed.


Make a stick bomb using craft sticks. By weaving together craft sticks, you can build an exploding chain reaction that is sure to entertain. It’s like dominos that don’t knock over as easily. Plus, they’re great for a lesson in physics!


Create an indoor sandbox by filling a large bin with dry rice. Include scoops, and cups and funnels for their entertainment. Just make sure to spread paper or an old sheet under the bin for spills.


Create a giant toy car track with tape. You can use painter’s tape or masking tape to provide hours of fun for kids and their cars.


Turn old jewelry into refrigerator magnets. It’s a great activity for the kids and a great way to repurpose those old brooches, earrings or large buttons lying around.


Build an indoor croquet course using cardstock strips, painter’s tape, a ball and sticks. To make things more challenging, number the course and have the kids count as they go along.


Host a talent show and let your kids show off their skills that shine. Great for all ages, a talent show is a great way to entertain and be entertained by your kids. Have them plan their show, rehearse and organize the event.