How to Save on Home Remodel

We all know that remodeling a home can be very expensive, especially kitchen and bathroom remodels. But it doesn’t have to be! The key is to spend your money wisely – not to rush, choose the right materials and shopping around for the best deals.

First things first, make sure you know what look you are going after, have a plan in place and photos of colors and materials you prefer. Also, don’t forget to use coupons and promo codes. Typically, it is easier to negotiate deals with independents than big chain stores; the best way to score some good deals is to talk to the store manager or even owner and ask for 10% to 15% off. Also, don’t stop at the first shop you see, do some research and compare prices.

It is better to shop at one place not only for materials, but for appliances and fixtures, that way you can get package deals and sometimes get free delivery etc. Also, if you plan ahead and choose colors and finishes ahead, you can buy items in bulk and negotiate discounts up to 20% off!

Another way to save is to look into buying discounted items, many stores have display items, returns,  items missing original packaging or items with slight defects that are not even visible at times; for some it might not be what they are looking for, but it might save a lot of money.

There are so many ways to save and get great deals, just make sure to plan ahead and to not be afraid to ask for discounts and to negotiate!


Flickr Creative Commons: Courtney Walker (CC BY 2.0)
All photos used under this license.