Fun & Easy Burlap DIY/ Home Improvement Ideas!


Flickr Creative Commons: Maria Panayiotou

For Easter weekend, we decided to attempt a do-it-yourself (DIY) project using the perfect affordable craft material – burlap! (Having previously worked at a local coffee shop, I had access to a few free burlap coffee bags for this project.)

You might not think of burlap as the most visually appealing craft material, but with a little creativity and hard work, we were able to turn the burlap into something beautiful. We created two different decorative items – a simply elegant piece of wall art (using an old cork board) and decorative glass wear. See our step-by-step how-to’s below! For your benefit, we even included two extra ideas from Pinterest that can be easily done for your next DIY weekend challenge. Happy burlapping!

1) Burlap-Covered Bulletin Board
This one was very simple! To complete this project, all you need is a bulletin board (preferably used), burlap, a hot glue gun, and wood stain.

First, measure the burlap out on the bulletin board, to ensure it fits exactly how you would like. Second, cut the burlap down to fit your desired measurements. Third, apply hot glue to the bulletin board. Make sure you start on the sides of the board and adhere the burlap to the glue as you go.


Next, wait for the glue to dry and attach itself to the burlap (about a minute).


Lastly, take the wood stain and stain the edges of the board to your liking. Wait for the stain to dry overnight and voila – a brand new, one-of-a-kind piece of art! Your next houseguests will be begging you to make a similar piece for them, and you can tell them how simple it was!


2) Decorative Glasses
Do you ever have old empty bottles laying around, but you’re not quite sure how to use them? Instead of throwing them away or recycling them, we’ll show you how to “upcycle” them with burlap and turn them into beautiful home decor. Fill them with flowers, beads, or whatever floats your boat!  All you need is a glass bottle, burlap, hot glue gun, and any other decorative items you desire, such as ribbon, lace or faux flowers that you can pick up at any craft store. Since you can fasten them anyway you like, be creative with it! Once you apply the hot glue and adhere your chosen decorations, they will be dry and ready to use within ten minutes. It doesn’t get much more simple than that! Here are three different examples that we made:


3) Burlap Decorative Pillows
Burlap might not be your first choice for comfy pillows on which to rest your head, but they are still cute! To make your very own decorative pillow, make sure you have finished burlap, as it is easier to sew and work with. Additionally, you’ll need some cotton (or an already-made pillow), lace, and decoration to attach to the burlap. To start, take the burlap and measure out the dimensions of material that you would need (either to form your own pillow or to cover the existing pillow). Then, continue to sew together the sides of the pillow, until three sides of the four are completed. Make sure you are sewing the material inside out (with the less attractive side facing you), as you are going to turn the burlap inside out before placing the cotton or the pillow inside. After you have placed the pillow inside the burlap, sew up the rest of the material. From there you can use the other decorative materials to personalize and decorate your pillow. In case you need more ideas, check out the many different ideas on Pinterest of Burlap Pillows.


4) Table Runners
Here’s yet another easy DIY craft, that’s creative and also tons of fun! For this project, all you need is some finished burlap, hot glue, and decorative pieces. Start by measuring out the size and style of piece that fits your table. Then, using hot glue as the adhesive, decorate the burlap piece with your favorite festive or seasonal items (lace, ribbon, florals, leaves etc.) until they are to your liking, and then you are done! For more ideas and inspiration for your burlap table runners, click here!


We hope that these burlap DIY projects get your creative juices flowing! What are your favorite DIY crafting tips? Share them below in the comments!