Best Places for a Road trip in Minnesota

Feel like taking off for the weekend but can’t necessarily afford the airfare? We understand, and we’re here to tell you, you don’t have to! Taking road trips are just as fun! For those of you who are Minnesotans, let us know if you’ve been to any of these places–cause they sure sound fun!

1. Soudan Underground Mine State Park (Soudan, MN)

Are you into physics, or just feel like doing something completely outside the box? Well, how about visiting a mine? Yep, definitely not a place many would think to go to. But, believe us this place if worth going to. Something very interesting  that’s happening at the Soudan Mines is, the University of Minnesota has an actual research facility in the mines for the main purpose to research dark matter! So if you’re into physics, feel free to take a road trip, because it sounds like it would be a very informative trip.

Expected traveling time from the Twin Cities area: 3 hours, 35 minutes. 


2. Glensheen Mansion Historic Estate (Duluth, MN)

Not only is the Glensheen Mansion located in one of the best places to visit in Minnesota, but it carries within it an amazing amount of history. Built in 1905 by the Congdon family, and setting for two murders, the mansion is an exemplary image of the 20th century Duluth. The mansion extends over 27,000 square feet and has in it 39 rooms. The estate also includes a cemetery that is located next to the mansion, since Clara Congdon decided: “I will have quiet neighbors”, as an entry in her diary shows.

Expected traveling time from the Twin Cities area: 2 hours, 25 minutes.


3. Jeffers Petroglyphs (Comfrey, MN)

These petroglyphs extend over 160 acres, yet their origin date are completely unknown.  It is believed that some of them were created between the 3000 B.C. and A.D. 1700. Although only open between the months of May-September the site also contains several natural trails, vast amount of opportunities for hands-on activities, and information about the surrounding flora and fauna. A lot of historic content in one same place, wouldn’t you say?

Expected traveling time from the Twin Cities area: 2 hours, 28 minutes.


4. Grand Marais (Cook County, MN)

Amazing destination indeed. This place offers great a view of Lake Superior. Gran Marais hosts two major, family-fun activities; one in the last weekend of July called the Dragon Boat Festival, where dragon shaped boats compete. The second one, happens the following weekend (the first weekend of August) called the Fisherman’s Picnic, which celebrates the town’s fishing and logging of herring. Definitely worth the trip!

Expected traveling time from the Twin Cities area: 4 hours, 20 minutes.

5. The Spam Museum (Austin, MN)

SPAM—you’ve probably heard of it, once or twice. Well believe it or not, there’s a museum for it and you should definitely take a trip to visit it! Offering several SPAM demonstrations featuring a variety of cuisines, and a little history of the changes in food through the years, nothing else will offer such an experience. If you decide to visit, definitely let us know what you think!

Expected traveling time from the Twin Cities area: 1 hour. 41 minutes.

Well dear reader, this is where we end our post. Hopefully some of these stories and pictures have incited in you the urge to pick up the car keys and go. There’s definitely a lot to see and explore in Minnesota. Get away with the family and let us know if any of these places will be a definite future destination.


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