8 of the Best Scary Movies Streaming on Netflix

Don’t feel like dressing up and going out on this (appropriately) drizzly and foggy Halloween? Don’t feel like leaving the house period? Netflix has you covered. With enough fright-filled films to keep even the most hardcore horror fan busy, Netflix streaming is sure to keep you occupied from the comforts of your couch in between trips to greet trick-or-treaters this Halloween.


Let the Right One In


One of the best new entries to the vampire genre to come out in years, the Swedish film, “Let the Right One In” is a bit slower, but offers a compelling story with enough scares and tension to keep viewers entranced. It also features one of the best endings to a horror movie ever made.


The Cabin In The Woods


A meta-horror movie that mixes scares and comedy much like “Scream” did in the 90s. The element of surprise is the key to this movie so the less you hear or read about this one the better. Just see it.




An absolute classic, “Carrie” takes an unflinching look at the horrors of high school and how one supernaturally powered teen decides to make her prom a memorable one.


The American Scream


More for fans of Halloween in general, “The American Scream” is a documentary takes a look at three households in a Massachusetts that aren’t afraid to go all out (some would say overboard) in dressing up their homes each year into a haunted house in the spirit of the holiday.


Rosemary’s Baby


Another classic in the genre, this one stars Mia Farrow as an expecting mother who begins to expect something terrifying – that her soon to be newborn may not be of this world.


Session 9


“Session 9” gets extra creepy points here for setting up a shiver-inducing atmosphere in deciding to shoot the film in an actual abandoned mental hospital. Actors have even reported some strange occurrences and sightings while the movie was being made. We’re guessing this just made acting terrified all the easier.




Don’t let the fact that this was shot in 1922 fool you; “Nosferatu” is eerie, creepy and just plain unsettling. Considered a masterpiece of the silent film era, “Nosferatu” is a must for film fans in general. Seen it already? Turn down the sound on your TV and put on some music to create your own soundtrack.


The House of the Devil


A throwback to the horror movies of the 70s, “The House of the Devil” is a slow burn until it isn’t. Ratcheting the tension to almost unbearable levels, this 2009 film takes notes on classic horror films while still setting foot into new (terrifying) territory.


What are some of your favorite movies that get you in the Halloween spirit? Leave your comments below.