5 Ways to Keep your Pets Safe throughout the Summer

Beside keeping your pets safe by vaccinations, flea and tick control,  it is important to take these steps below to ensure their safety in the summer.  This list was provided by the Humane Society of the United States.  While this list has ample information, check out the rest of their website to ensure that you are caring for your animals correctly!


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1) Watch the Humidity

Not only is the temperature important to your animals health,  but the humidity can also affect your animals.  The higher the humidity becomes, the harder it becomes for animals to remove the heat within their bodies. If the humidity is high, there is a higher risk of your animals over heating.

2) Limit Exercise on Hot Days


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If it is a very warm day,  you should limit your pets exercise to prevent them from over heating.  However,  if you are going to give them exercise, make sure it is earlier in the morning or late into the afternoon.  That way you limit sun exposure, and burning your pets paws on the black top.

3) Provide Ample Shade &Water


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Since the summer tends to be very hot, and their is a high risk of overheating,  make sure that your pet has the equipment to cool down and relax.  By providing shade and water, your pet can recuperate safely from the heat.

4) Cool your Pet Inside & Outside

Just as bodies become warm,  so do their insides.  To ensure that they are staying cool and regulating temperature,  provide your pets with cool mats and towels.  Even a frozen peanut butter treat can do the trick!

5) Never Leave Your Pets Inside a Parked Car

This one is very important!! Do not leave your pets in the car during the summertime.  Your car can become very very hot,  leaving your pets with no way to escape the heat or cool down.  If you must leave them in the car, make sure you leave the air on,  a window open and limit your time away from the car to under 15 minutes!!