Travel Feature: Perth, Australia

Perth is called the most isolated city on Earth. It is the only city in Western half of the Australia. It is located a long way of everywhere. It is closer to the capital of Indonesia than to Australian’s own capital Canberra.

Perth is known for its warm hot summers and very mild winters. In fact, Perth is considered the world’s most sunniest city, temperature rises to 86F (30C), but humidity is low. Because of the Indian ocean there is a regular sea breeze which helps to keep air fresh.
Here are some of the top attractions.

The Swan Bell Tower is one of the main attractions. It overlooks the Swan River and the city skyline. It is six stories high and has twelve bells of St.Martin-in-the-Fields that are traced back to 14th century.


Flickr Creative Commons: Alex Dawson

Kings park is the largest inner park, it overlooks the Swan River and it’s a great place to enjoy the city view. It’s a beautiful place with pathways, where you can go on a walking tour and learn about aboriginal people and Australian history.

Flickr Creative Commons: Monica D.

Cottesloe beach is known for its crystal clear water, cafe’s and restaurants. It is one of the best places to watch sunset over the Indian ocean. It is a popular place for surfing, snorkeling, or jogging along the beach.


There are many other places to explore, such as Fermantle, a small town full of cafes, bars, seafood restaurants, Rottnest island, where you can take tours to explore the island and encounter a variety of wildlife.

While there are so many great places to visit and enjoy, there are some things to keep in mind when traveling to Australia.

First and foremost, citizens of the US and Canada need a visa to go to Australia. Only citizens of New Zealand do not need one. It is quite an easy process and costs around $20, and it doesn’t take long.

Another thing to remember is that Australian seasons are opposite of what we are used to. The summer months are December, January and February. Although, weather depends on the part of Australia you are going to, so do some research prior.

Also, make sure to read what  is prohibited to bring into the country. Besides the usual restrictions like food, plants, etc., there are some restrictions on medication, so it’s better to have a letter form a doctor.

Relaxed outdoor lifestyle and sunny weather makes Perth a great vacation destination!