Travel Feature: Paris, France

France is the most visited country in the world. France is all about architecture, history, culture exquisite cuisine and fashion. It goes without saying that one of the most popular cities to visit is Paris. People are very attracted to it’s cozy cafe terraces, village-square markets and bistros with their chalk boards with daily specials.

Getting to and around. The best way to get around in Paris is to walk and use public transportation. Since the traffic in the city is pretty heavy, driving would not be the best option to get around. Taking the metro is the most efficient way to get around Paris. The Paris metro is very wide spread and comes often during rush hours, so you don’t have to wait. Make sure to keep your ticket with you, you might be asked to show it to ticket inspectors; also, all metro tickets are valid not only for the metro, but also for trams and buses. Taxis are also available, but they can get pricey, especially in the evening.
Places to visit. Most popular places to visit are the Eifel TowerLouvre, the Pantheon, Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Catacombs of Paris. Of course there are other great places and gardens to visit, and also there are many hidden gems.


Flickr Creative Commons: Celso Flores


Flickr Creative Commons: Dennis Jarvis

Real Estate Paris has the largest number of English-speaking expats in France. The cost of living in Paris is high but you get a lot for what you pay. Properties in Paris are sold by the square meter. The cost varies. While property prices in most of France have fallen over the past few years. Property prices are falling due to the tax increases and cuts property subsidies making it a great time to buy .
Things to be aware of.  Since France runs on 220 volts, you will need voltage converters when you go to Paris, so make sure to do some research and get the right one for your electronics. Restrooms in bars and cafe’s are usually reserved for customers and something to get used to is that oftentimes, bathrooms are unisex. Most French people take a whole month of vacation in the summer months and it is usually in August. Also, French people prefer dressier clothes; jeans are acceptable everywhere except some restaurants, so make sure to check if there are any dress codes beforehand.

Before you decide to travel to Paris, make sure to research and read travel guides before you go, that will make your trip less stressful and so much more enjoyable!


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