Top Places to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in the USA


Flickr Creative Commons: Umberto Salvagnin

The United States has many different St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  However, not all celebrations are the same, some cities are better than others.  To make sure you are not steered wrong this Saint Patrick’s Day,  here is a list of the top four places to celebrate!


1) Chicago, Illinois 

Without a doubt, Chicago is our top choice! This city not only offers the most spirit (note the dyed river above) but also the most family friendly options, all of which were suggested by timeout magazine.  For starters, there are three different parades available, one downtown, one on the south side and one more in the northeast.  Secondly,  Chicago has an Irish American Heritage Festival, which offers Irish music,  Irish food, and good drinks.   Lastly, Chicago also has a sightseeing river cruise, which will take you around the city, showing you all of its wonderful history.

Even with all of these wonderful options,  the atmosphere of Saint Patrick’s Day is incredible.  Supported by a Irish American population of over 10%,  this city knows how to be party!  In addition, it has many different Irish pubs, that have great food and drink! Chicago has it all whether you are young or have a family!


2) Boston Massachusetts 


Flickr Creative Commons: Bert Kaufmann

Even though Boston is the most Irish American spot in the United States, it comes in at a close second on our list. Supporting a population of about 20.4% Irish American,  this city knows Irish Pride.  If you choose to celebrate in Boston, there are several activities to choose, all of which were provided by About travel New England.   The first is a parade on the south side.  Secondly, the House of Blues will be hosting a popular Irish band,  Dropkick Murphys!  They have wonderful punk/ Irish music, that will sure to get you dancing! Lastly, Boston also has Irish Culture Center Celebration, that offers music, food, drink, and dance.  Finally, and most importantly, there are also many  Irish pubs, offering good food, music and drinks!

Now, if you are thinking, well why isn’t Boston the number one place to celebrate? It is solely because it is not as family friendly as Chicago.  While it does have some good options, most of the events are made to attract an older crowd.


3) New York City, New York

Yet, another east coast representative, tops our charts! New York City, the big apple, the city that never sleeps, has a lot to offer any St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  Having personally experienced the events of a New York City, St. Patrick’s Day, I can testify as well as that it is a good time.  Following the advice of Timeout Magazine, New York City offers guests three different parades, one on fifth ave, one is Queens, and another in Brooklynn, visitors are given many different opportunities for entertainment.   In addition, there is also over  70 different Irish pubs and a little Ireland food tasting.

The only thing holding this city back from reaching a higher spot on our list, is that it lacks in the Irish culture department.   With such a diverse landscape and attractions, the Irish celebration and pride is divided. Unfortunately, If you are not near the parade or at an Irish pub, you feel very out of place. However, knowing that you are in New York City does make up for it!


4) Savannah Georgia


Lastly, our unexpected fourth place winner, Savannah Georgia! Having topped several other Saint Patrick’s Day celebration charts, I decided to give them a chance.  Home to abut 7.5% Irish American population, this Savannah, has created a lot of fun activities for its visitors. It has a parade that goes through downtown, as well as a Tara Feis Festival, which celebrates Irish Heritage with dance, food, and music.  In addition, to all this fun,  Savannah is home to several Irish pubs, that will be playing music, offering food and drinks all night long.  Even though Savannah is geared more towards a younger crowd, there are plenty of family options.  So give this southern city a try, and express your Irish pride!


Note from the author: I hope you found this post helpful and enlightening.  Please remember to have fun and celebrate your Irish pride responsibly!