Top Five Outdoor Activities for the Minnesotan Spring

Now that winter is on its way out, cabin fever and hibernation have come to an end. It is time to shed the winter layers and enjoy the warmer weather, Minnesotan style! That means, put away the winter coat and snow pants, and put on a pair of shorts, a college sweatshirt and enjoy that 40 degree weather! Even though our start of spring is still a bit cold, the spring time is one of the best times to visit and live in this great state. The snow is melting, the grass is getting greener, the trees are budding and school is almost over. It is the start of our 6 months of sunshine and warmth, which we intend to take full advantage of! So please come join us and take part in the beauty of our state with these top 5 springtime activities of Minnesota.

1) Go for a Bike Ride


Flickr Creative Commons: Dustin Gaffke

Minnesota is the perfect destination for any biker, family biking excursion, or just casual ride. Ranked as the number most bike friendly city in the United States, Minneapolis has many opportunities for a ride around the city. Bikers can enjoy the Green Way and River Road bike trails, which link most of the Twin Cities Metro. These bike trails are well-maintained and provide gorgeous scenery. On River Road, riders can look upon large, beautiful houses as well as the river, of course!

If urban bike riding doesn’t trip your trigger, Minnesota also offers many different bike trails that run through state parks, country side, and along lakes. Check out the Explore Minnesota and Pedal MN websites to find the route that perfectly fits your needs.

2) Grill out in a park

At the park

Flickr Creative Commons: Maria Erkland

Who can pass up good food, good company, and the great outdoors? Correct answer: nobody! That is why grilling and barbeques are great springtime activities, especially in Minnesota. Our state has many city and state parks that allow for grilling, many of which have grills available for you to use. Check out Minneapolis Parks and the DNR’s website to see your nearby park’s grilling options and regulations. Go out, grab your friends, a football or soccer ball, and a grill and enjoy! Also here are some Food Network recipes for grilling, just in case!

3) Watch a Baseball Game!


Even though baseball season is just beginning, it’s never to early to support America’s favorite pastime by catching a game. Minnesota has several opportunities to do just that, either with the Minnesota Twins, Saint Paul Saints, or College Baseball. What’s more, you can enjoy two of our favorite Minnesota springtime activities – watching the great sport and grilling – by tailgating at the next game. It’s a win-win situation!

4) Go Hiking!


Flickr Creative Commons:  Loren Kerns

Ever wanted to watch the forest and nature come alive with the arrival of spring? Well, Minnesota has plenty of opportunities for doing just that. Whether it is a leisurely stroll or a rugged hike, Minnesota has many different trails and levels of difficulty. All you have to do is visit Explore Minnesota and find the trail that fits your needs the best! After that you can go out and relax, and enjoy being one with nature with the perfect afternoon hike.

5) Visit the North Shore

The North Shore is one of the most beautiful locations in Minnesota and, dare we say, within the United States. Bordering on Lake Superior, the North Shore offers activities ranging from hiking and biking to shopping, swimming, good eats and much more! The North Shore is home to a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, cliffs, wilderness, lakes, and the beach. The possibilities are practically endless. Personally, our favorite locations were Gooseberry Falls, Grand Marais (which was recently voted America’s coolest small town), Park Point, the Duluth Board Walk and Carlton Peak. Even if these aren’t for you, the North Shore has plenty to offer! So get up there ASAP and enjoy its beauty!


Note: We hope that you found all of this information insightful and entertaining! However, we just want to make a safety notice. When biking in Minneapolis or greater Minnesota, please follow all bike regulations. Please keep our bike trails great, clean and safe! Wear a helmet, share the road and obey traffic signs. Additionally, when being outdoors, please dress appropriately, especially on the North Shore. While the weather is nice, it does vary a lot in the springtime. Dress in layers and bring along a hat and mittens. Lastly, when hiking and biking, please carry along plenty of water, snacks, and an emergency kit. Also, tell people where and when you will be out on your hike or bike ride. Even though the trails are safe and cared for, having someone know where you are at, and when to expect you back are important for your safety! They can make sure that the appropriate people are alerted if you do not return as planned. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy nature, but also, be smart, aware, and make a plan!