Top 5 Cities for the Young and Rich

Where would you go if you won the lottery, or suddenly came across millions of dollars? The World Cities Culture Forum has data on the number of concert halls, restaurants, and other ‘cultural indicators’ for cities all over the world. We have used this data to come up with the top 5 cities to be young and rich in!


1. Tokyo

Flickr Creative Commons: Moyan Brenn

Flickr Creative Commons: Moyan Brenn

At the top of the list is Japan’s largest city, Tokyo, which has nearly nine million residents! You definitely will not run out of ways to spend your money here!

  • Yearly musical performances: 15,617
  • Yearly comedy Shows: 8,452
  • Number of restaurants: 150,510
  • Number of bars: 14,184
  • Number arcades: 997

Wow that is a lot of restaurants! According to, the best time to visit Tokyo is in the fall when the temperature is mild and the leaves are beautiful hues of orange and red.


2. New York City


Flickr Creative Commons: Nana B Agyei

The city that never sleeps comes in at number two on our list! It also happens to be the most expensive city in the USA to live in!

  • Yearly theatrical Performances: 43,004
  • Number of restaurants: 24,149
  • Number of comedy shows per year: 11,076
  • Number of art galleries: 721

Be sure to visit NY around the holidays to see Central Park beautifully blanketing with white snow and sparkling holiday lights!


3. Shanghai


Flickr Creative Commons: JERRYANG

Shanghai is a vibrantly colorful cosmopolitan city in China that hosts thousands of performances each year. The possibilities for fun are endless in Shanghai.

  • Number of restaurants: 55,614
  • Number of dance halls: 1,865
  • Number of art galleries: 13,324
  • Yearly musical performances: 3,356

To avoid unbearable humidity and the crazy tourist season, Frommers says to visit Shanghai in late March or late October.


4. Los Angeles

Flickr Creative Commons: Neil Kremer

Flickr Creative Commons: Neil Kremer

Home of the entertainment industry in the USA, Los Angeles has live shows every night of the week. In addition, LA includes Long Beach which is the party capital of California.

  • Yearly comedy shows: 5,624
  • Number of restaurants: 28,787
  • Number of Cinema screens: 1,073
  • Yearly theatrical performances: 8,220

Los Angeles is known for its year-round warmth, but to avoid large crowds recommends not to visit during school breaks and holidays.


5. Sao Paulo

Flickr Creative Commons: Julio Boaro

Flickr Creative Commons: Julio Boaro

Coming in at number five is the largest city in South America, Sao Paulo. This diverse and bustling city is perfect for foodies and bar hoppers.

  • Number of bars: 15,000
  • Number of restaurants: 12,500
  • Yearly dance performances: 5,200
  • Live music venues: 294

Be sure to visit in October to catch the International Film Festival!


If you won the lottery, where would you spend your money?


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