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Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool Maintenance 1

It looks like it will be a hot summer, so you’ll probably be spending a lot more quality time in your pool. As with most good things in life, though, spending too much time together could muddy the waters, literally. Dirt, creepy crawlies and other general funk will unavoidably pollute your pool. You could hire a professional pool cleaner to keep your water crystal clear for the duration of the warmer months, but why bother? Save that money for an extra family vacation and clean the pool yourself! Believe it or not, DIY pool maintenance doesn’t have to be as annoying or difficult as it may seem. If you want your pool to make a splash at your next summer party, just follow these few simple maintenance guidelines on a regular basis, and your family and friends will be diving in before you have time to say “Cannonball!”

  • One of the first things you need to do is to skim the surface of your pool every few days or so. This will help you keep floating debris from sinking to the bottom, which would make it much harder to get rid of. You will need to use a long-handled net, aka a “hand skimmer.” This tool will help remove bugs, leaves and whatever else may be floating in the water. Skimming efficiently will also improve your pool’s circulation, thus lowering the amount of chlorine you’ll need to add to it. Cleaning the strainer baskets attached to your pool will also need to be done relatively often. To do this, remove the plastic baskets, shake them up and spray them with a hose to remove all stubborn objects lodged inside.
  • Your pool must also be vacuumed frequently, preferably each week, to again reduce the amount of chemicals you’ll need to add. There are many types of vacuums for pools, but if you have a manual design, you should make sure to work it along the pool’s floor, much like vacuuming a carpet. Overlapping your strokes will yield the best results. Remember to check the vacuum filter from time to time to determine whether or not it needs to be cleaned as well.

Pool Maintenance 2

  • Lastly, you’ll need to periodically brush the tiles and walls of the pool, as this will keep algae and calcium deposits to a minimum. If you don’t clean these thoroughly, you may allow the problems to fester and turn into a much worse situation. Depending on the material used for the pool walls (tile, vinyl, concrete, etc.), you’ll need to choose a different set of cleaning tools. Stiff brushes will work wonders for plaster-lined concrete pools, but you should use a softer brush for fiberglass, vinyl and tile walls, since they will spare the grout.

If you are facing common issues like broken pumps or murky water, then you should consult your pool manual before trying to fix the problem. And, if you find that maintaining the pool on your own ever becomes too big of a hassle, go ahead and hire a professional (be sure to tip him!). Happy summer and just keep swimming!

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