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6 Overlooked New Year’s Resolutions


We’re all aware of the main resolutions many of us make at the beginning of every new year: eat healthier, quit smoking, unbury that treadmill that, you’re pretty sure, is still in the basement somewhere. While all of these important goals to set, there are also resolutions that are sometimes overlooked but can be just as necessary in leading a more productive and happy life. Here are six that you should keep in mind for 2014.


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You know that half-read novel you’ve been neglecting the past few months? Make it a goal this year to reach for a book over the remote or the laptop or the tablet. Conquer it and then move onto the next one that’s been on your must-read list.


Discover a New Hobby

Take more time to discover new activities. Sign up for a cooking class, learn to play a new instrument or pick up a book on woodworking. Trying something new can help you discover hidden talents or give you something to do that’s more productive than flipping through whatever’s on TV or Netflix.


Save More Money

Go over your finances with a magnifying glass and try to put away some money from every paycheck. Set it up automatically so it can be done without having to remember to do it and try not to look at again for a given amount of time. Or, set up a certificate of deposit (CD) and plan on using it for that family vacation that keeps getting pushed back.



Set a time during the day where you can unplug from your phone, your computer, your tablet and your television. Research has found that media overload can contribute to an increased risk for depression, job burnout, social anxiety and even allergies. Your emails and texts will still be there when you plug back in.


Expand Your Vocabulary

When you do plug back in, use sites like Vocabulary.com to improve your vocabulary through games and trivia to ascertain newfangled librettos to flabbergast your confrères (learn new words to impress your friends).


Reconnect With Old Friends

New responsibilities in life often contribute to losing touch with people you used to be close with. Make it a point to call or meet up with an old friend. Don’t be afraid to try and reconnect, even if it’s just a quick catch-up conversation over your lunch break. Long-lasting friendships will always be worth the time and effort.


What are some ways that you’re trying to better yourself in 2014? Share your resolution(s) in the comments below.