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Whether it’s exploring the waters of colossal Lake Minnetonka or shopping at one of the 140 retail stores at Ridgedale Center, it’s no wonder why an increasing number of Minnesotans have chosen Minnetonka as their place to call home.
Besides serving as an entry point to the massive Lake Minnetonka, Gray’s Bay, the only part of Lake Minnetonka within the City of Minnetonka, is also the source of the Minnehaha Creek. The site is also a shoreline restoration are where invasive plants have been removed and replaced with boulders, logs and native flora to act as a natural filter to help preserve wildlife and water quality. This entry point is a great destination for those with canoes looking to get away from any motors, acting almost like a metro-area boundary waters for anyone feeling up to a winding and scenic 22 mile trek to Minnehaha Falls.

10210181584_5dd11dc8d6_cThose looking to keep their feet on land will find plenty of beautiful scenery as well. A drive or walk along the coast of Gray’s Bay acts as a tour of some of the most stunning homes in the metro area. With residential property on the lake at such a commodity, buyers are more than willing to shell out some extra money to be in such a prime location on one of Minnesota’s most famous lakes. Not that the homes themselves need any more reason to be on the pricier end. With many of the lake homes valued at over three million dollars, the opportunity to find luxury real estate is there for those diligent enough to snag one of these gorgeous homes.

10210391665_0b24865964_cA local favorite, the Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille, offers an interesting blend of a down-home bar and fine dining. The food is all made from scratch and presented with as much care as you’d see at an expensive fine restaurant. The history of the Gold Nugget is also very telling of how valued it is in the community. It was only reopened after some convincing by the neighborhood after the owner died. After a change in location and an upgrade to what the waitress says was considered “a dive,” the Gold Nugget continues to live on, offer great food and serve as the only bar in the Glen Lake neighborhood.
A great resource for residents is the Minnetonka Script, a newsletter that offers a wide variety of programs and services for those over the age of 55. From a wine making class to practicing Tai Chi to extended trips to Chicago and New York for the holidays, there’s no shortage for those looking to learn something new or plan a fun outing with friends.

10210402883_c784e4b779_cMinnetonka’s 49 community parks and 81 miles of sidewalks and trails also offer plenty of running room for residents. Among the most unique of these parks in Bennett Family Park which offers eight baseball diamonds of varying sizes and holds league games for baseball players of all ages.
With the majority of Minnetonka’s land being used for residential housing, there is certainly no shortage of homes to choose from. Whether you’re in the market for a starter home with close proximity to parks and trails or a fortress of luxury on the lake, Minnetonka’s spectrum could be considered for just about any type of buyer.

Neighborhood Resources

Minnetonka Schools

Faith Communities

 Hopkins School District  Adath Jesherun Congregation
 Minnetonka School District  All Saints Lutheran Church
 Wayzata School District  Bet Shalom Congregation
 International Spanish Language Academy (ISLA)  Bethlehem Lutheran Church
 Immaculate Heart of Mary  Cross of Glory Baptist Church
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Public Parks

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 Big Willow  Bacio
 Civic Center  Pairings Food & Wine Market
 Lone Lake  Gold Nugget Tavern & Grille
 Meadow  Spasso
 Purgatory  Redstone American Grill
 Crane Preserve  Christos Greek Restaurant
 Hilloway  The Marsh
 Jidana  Ham’s Sandwich Shop
 Kinsel  Living Waters Market & Cafe
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