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9 Ways to Take in the Last Bit of Summer

Sigh. So its Labor Day and you may be asking yourself where has the summer gone? Rather than mourn the loss of sunny days out on the lake and ice cold drinks on rooftop bars, why not enjoy the times we have had.

Below are 9 ways for you to enjoys yourself this Labor Day and take in the last bit of summer. Find the full article here.

1). Head out to the Farmers Market and grab fresh produce (specifically tomatoes) while you can. Try making this awesome salsa recipe that will knock your socks off.

2). Eat watermelon. And lots of it. Bonus points if you have a seed spitting competition with your friends.

3). Get outside and garden. Yes summer may be winding down, but your plants still need a little TLC. While you are at it,  check out our earlier post on landscaping tips for homeowners.

4). Go for a long run or walk around the lake and feel the breeze in your hair.

5). Grill out with your family and friends and use this awesome BBQ sauce recipe from Down Home With the Neely’s.

6). Enjoy a frozen treat. Yes you can enjoy them all year round, but when the temps are high a frozen treat tastes oh so much better. If you are stuck on where to go, check out our earlier blog on the Best Ice Cream in the Twin Cities.

7). Stargazing and try to point out constellations. But if the only one you know is the Big Dipper, download this handy app to help you out.

8) Have a campfire and make s’mores. If you want your campfire to get crazy check out 39 Life Changing Ways to Make S’mores Better.

9) Take advantage of the weather and participate in watersports. Whether it be tubing, swimming, waterskiing or paddle boarding- go do it!