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Spark Up Your Yard for an Unforgettable Fourth of July Celebration

Flickr Creative Commons: eric wittman
Flickr Creative Commons: eric wittman

You know the new saying, ‘Pics or it didn’t happen!’ Everybody is snapping photos of everything they do, everywhere they go. Make your Fourth of July celebration photo-worthy with these DIY tips!

1. Create a photo station!

Make an awesome place to take photos that capture the patriotism and hilarity of your friends and family this Fourth of July.

Flickr Creative Commons: Steve Depolo
Flickr Creative Commons: Steve Depolo

Start with the backdrop.

Find yourself a roll of butcher paper, drafting paper, or large poster paper. Make sure it is big enough so a group of people can fit in front of it for a photo. Having trouble finding it? You can purchase it here. To decorate the backdrop, get some red, white, and blue paint (and probably some glitter, because.. glitter) then splatter paint the paper to get the effect of fireworks. For a messy and fun way to splatter paint, try this tutorial.

If you don’t feel like making a background, an American flag works great too!

Put the backdrop up near where people will be hanging out. It could be on the side of your house, on a shed or a fence.

Now for the props!

Flickr Creative Commons: Randy Robertson
Flickr Creative Commons: Randy Robertson

No good photo booth is without an abundance of props! Cut paper flags, Statue of Liberty crowns, Uncle Sam hats, etc, and tape them to wire or wooden grill skewers to create fun props to take pictures with! Additionally, purchase some sparklers to make your photos really glow! For inspiration, or to purchase already made props, check out this etsy shop.

Put a basket of disposable cameras near the station, or if you really trust your friends, a digital camera with a timer!

2. Food

Flickr Creative Commons: Ginny
Flickr Creative Commons: Ginny

Now that your photo station is complete, we can move onto the food! Here is a list of delicious and festive recipes that your guests will love!

For lunch recipes, click here.

For adult beverage recipes, click here.

For dessert recipes, click here.

3. Activities!

Alright you have a killer photo station, and stellar snacks. What else do you need? Games! Get a volleyball net, a bocce ball set, coy boy golf, or any kind of yard games you think your guests will enjoy. If you are feeling up to another DIY project, check out this tutorial for yard Jenga! It’s like regular Jenga, except bigger (and you have to be careful not to let it come crashing down on your toes!)

Flickr Creative Commons:  Erik (HASH) Hersman
Flickr Creative Commons: Erik (HASH) Hersman

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