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Best Ice Cream in the Twin Cities


I Scream. You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream. Luckily, we don’t have to actually scream to be able to enjoy ice cream because the Twin Cities offers a plethora of options when it come to finding the perfect frozen treat.

Sebastian Joe’s is a family owned ice cream shop that began in 1984. They pride themselves in the fact that they use all natural ingredients to produce the highest quality ice cream available. Because their ice cream is made in small batches, the flavors rotate daily. However, the top sellers- raspberry chocolate chip, Oreo and Pavarotti -remain a constant. Additionally, Sebastian Joe’s has increased their seating for customers by remodeling their interior and expanding their patio to provide a space for humans (and their pets) to sit while enjoying their cones.

With locations in both St. Paul and Minneapolis  Grand Old Creamery’s reputation precedes them as the line often goes out the door. Yet, with flavors like “Black Hills Gold” and “Chocolate Malt Banana” many say the wait is well worth it. Critics agree, because Grand Old Creamery was voted as one of the top ice cream stores in the country in 2014. Feeling lazy and want delivery? No problem. Grand Old Creamery delivers both ice cream AND pizza to your door for a small fee. How sweet is that?

This husband and wife duo with a passion for ice cream opened Izzy’s doors to the Merriam Park neighborhood in 1984. While they offer a host of flavors that use local ingredients such as Summit Oatmeal stout and Wild Country maple syrup what makes Izzy’s special is the “Izzy” on top of each cone. Now you may be asking yourself, what exactly is an “Izzy”? Well an “Izzy” is a micro scoop of any flavor of your choice. This way the unsure can “venture out” and taste a flavor they have been secretly eyeing but too afraid to try. In addition, Izzy’s has continued to push themselves and have been open to embracing technology. They now offer their unique “Flavor Up! system” that allows them to send messages to customers when their favorite flavors are available. The mere thought of this new technology is fit to put any Izzy’s lover into a tizzy.

Yogurt Lab technically isn’t ice cream but this chain allows you to serve yourself and scoop up your own toppings. This mad scientist approach to froyo allows you to mix and match from a periodic table of flavors and toppings from the lab stations your hearts content. As an added bonus visitors can sample up to 12 flavors before making their final decision. But froyo lovers beware- you pay by the ounce here. So your gut busting brownie sundae creation may end up breaking the bank. One worker reported that the most expensive creation she ever rang up was a whopping $23.98! Now that is a true froyo fan!

Those with a more refined pallet or are looking for sorbet should check out Crema Cafe on Lyndale and 34th in Uptown. Exotic flavors such as jalapeno mango, blood orange or multi melon sorbet tempt taste buds while the more adventurous can try black pepper & cardamom. One reviewer on Yelp said “The best ice cream place I’ve eaten at, period”.  But don’t trust this reader- you better try it yourself.

Well there you have it readers. The scoop on some of the Twin Cities finest ice cream shops have been dished out for you, ready to enjoy. But you better check out these shops while its still hot outside, as many of them close their doors during the colder months. So what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy a taste of summer!