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Unique Eats at the Minnesota State Fair

Find the original article here: 8 wacky foods you can eat at the Minnesota State Fair – Travel – TODAY.com.

It’s finally here! Every Minnesotan’s favorite summer activity – aka the Minnesota State Fair – is beginning this week and it lasts all the way through Labor Day. This year, along with some majorly cool concerts and classic carnival rides, there is some CUH-RAZY cuisine that all fairgoers (veterans and newcomers alike) must try. Does chocolate dessert salami sound a little out of your comfort zone? Not to worry. For you less gutsy gastronomes, there are novel dishes that are guaranteed to please, including a bacon-wrapped turkey leg and beer gelato. Now that we know we’ve got your mouth watering, finish reading about more of the fair’s new fare here.

Once you’ve wiped the drool off your keyboard (it’s okay, we understand), let us know: what new dishes are you looking forward to trying at the State Fair this year? What are your favorite standbys? Give us “the dish” in the comments!