Perfect Picnic Dates around the Twin Cities

Looking for a unique date idea? Picnics are a romantic and affordable way to get you and your spouse or family out of the house and closer to nature. We have compiled a list of picnic locations around the Twin Cities, including recipes and restaurants to help you decide what to bring!

1. Como Park, St. Paul

Como Watermarked107

The grounds of Como Park are lush and beautifully landscaped. There are many places within the park to have a picnic, either on the lawn or at a table. After lunch, you can take a stroll through Como Zoo, which is free (with a suggested donation). You might want to come a little early though, parking can be difficult.

What to eat?

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If you want to purchase food to bring to your picnic at Como Park, Nelson’s Cheese & Deli is the place to go. They have an extensive salad bar, including build your own and noodle options, and a hefty list of sandwich creations. In addition, they have chips, homemade candies, local cheeses, and various drink options.

Rather pack your own lunch? Try out these veggie hummus wraps!


2. Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis

Flickr Creative Commons: Bryce Edwards

Flickr Creative Commons: Bryce Edwards

Minnehaha Falls is a large outdoor space encompassing the Mississippi river and one of its water falls. There is green space surrounding the river to sit and have lunch, as well as a park restaurant called Sea Salt. You could either grab lunch from this restaurant or bring your own.

If you plan to bring your own meal, try out this fresh BLT recipe!


3. Mississippi River Flats, Minneapolis

Flickr Creative Commons: Michael Hicks

Flickr Creative Commons: Michael Hicks

Near the University of Minnesota, there are river flats on both the East and West banks of the Mississippi. They are flat, grassy areas of land set on the river with views of downtown Minneapolis.Try out these scrumptious walleye cakes to eat along the shores of the Mississippi!

Want to buy lunch?

Flickr Creative Commons: Marc Kjerland

Flickr Creative Commons: Marc Kjerland

A great place to pick up your picnic food near the River Flats is Abdul’s Afandy. They serve fresh and delicious Middle Eastern dishes including falafel, shawarma, lentil soup, chicken options, baklava, and more!


3. Loring Park, Minneapolis

Flickr Creative Commons: Doug Kerr

Flickr Creative Commons: Doug Kerr

Loring Park, situated between uptown and downtown Minneapolis, has a dog park, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and walking trails. It is a lovely park for a couple to have a meal, and spend their afternoon.

What to eat?

Loring Park is surrounded by restaurants, some of which are pretty pricey! We recommend checking Groceries & Deli on Harmon to pick up some sandwiches, soup,  curry, snacks, and more!


4. Lake Phalen, St. Paul

Picnic Pavilion 2

Lake Phalen in north east St. Paul is surrounded by a golf course and well maintained park areas. They have designated picnic pavilions that are perfect for a picnic with your loved ones. You are sure to see fellow Minnesotans kayaking and sailing around the lake.

If you want to bring a lunch from home, try out this potato salad to take with you!

Purchasing lunch? Try out Plaza Del Sol!

Plaza Del Sol 2

This locally owned Mexican Restaurant has many options for you to take on the go to your picnic meal!


The Twin Cities area is full of great places to have a picnic date! What other places are great for a picnic? Let us know!


Photos used under this license.