Interesting Facts about Famous People

Even though they are in the public eye all the time, there are so many things we don’t know about them. Here are some of the facts.

1. Elvis Presley was naturally blonde! He thought he looked edgier with black hair, so he started dying it as a teenager.


Flickr Creative Commons: Mr. Littlehand

2.  James Doohan (“Scotty” on Star Trek) joined Canadian Forces, served in WWII and was shot 6 times on D-Day! Lucky to be alive.


Flickr Creative Commons: Alan Light

3. Martin Luther King was a huge Star Trek fan. In fact, when he found out that one of the actors Nichelle Nichols wanted to leave the series for a career on Broadway, he convinced her to stay.


Flickr Creative Commons: caboindex

5. Theodore Roosevelt read on average one whole book every day of his life. How is it even possible?


Flickr Creative Commons: Wesley Fryer

6. This might be the most unexpected one. Abraham Lincoln used to be a wrestler?! In 300 matches he was defeated only once. He is even in the wrestling hall of fame. Who would have thought?


Flickr Creative Commons: Believe Creative

7. Nicholas Cage owned a pet octopus. Umm…no comment.

8. After a fight he got in as a kid, David Bowie’s eye was permanently dilated.









9. As a student, Natalie Portman was a co-author of two research papers that were published in a scientific journal.


Flickr Creative Commons: Gordon Correll

10. J.K Rowling lost her job because she was daydreaming too much. She wrote Harry Potter after that. Doubt she has any regrets.

Share with us other interesting facts you know!