Great Places to Enjoy Fall in Minnesota

Let’s not think about Winter and cold weather just yet; we still have Fall weather to enjoy. And who doesn’t love the most colorful season in Minnesota? It is the season of pumpkin spice and apple picking, Oktoberfest, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It is the time to watch trees turn colors and the best places to do that are outside of Twin Cities.

1. St. Croix River. This is a great place to see Minnesota colors in full. Located between Minnesota and Wisconsin, it offers great views, as well as boating, camping, and fishing. The best way to enjoy the colors is the Scenic Cruise along the River.

2. The North Shore. 

There are several places to visit in the North Shore, including eight state parks, waterfalls, and historic sites. One of the most breathtaking adventures is the North Shore Scenic Drive (highway 61). You can enjoy the spectacular views of cliffs, rivers, and streams, not to mention all the fall colored trees.

View From Hawk Ridge

Flickr Creative Commons: Randen Pederson

3. Split Rock.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is located on the North Shore of Lake Superior. There were so manh shipwrecks during the shipping season in the late 1800’s, that it prompted the Lighthouse construction. As to the lighthouse keepers, they lived there with their families, they functioned as night watchers, administrators; also, they had to know how to repair equipment since It was very difficult to access the Lighthouse until the highway was built.


Flickr Creative Commons: Anita Ritenour

4. Gooseberry Falls.

It is located on scenic Highway 61 and is known for its beautiful waterfalls, camping sites, hiking and biking trails. Stunning place to see golden leaves of birch and aspen, and beautiful red and orange maple trees.


Flickr Creative Commons: Anita Ritenour

5. Mississippi River Bluffs

Now, we’ll move away from the North Shore and Highway 61 and go to southeast of Winona. This breathtaking state park offers great views of Mississippi river and is known for its great variety of flora and fauna. In fact, some areas are restricted for visitors due to the rare plants. It is also a great place for wildlife viewing, so don’t forget your binoculars!

Mississipi river bluffs

Flickr Creative Commons: Mara