Family Thanksgiving Traditions

While many families have their own Thanksgiving traditions, there are some that are deep rooted in American history.

So why turkey and not chicken? The first Thanksgiving dinner, back in 1621, included turkey, fish, pumpkin, and squash. Turkeys are big enough to be able to feed the whole family. At that time, chicken and cows were more valuable alive than dead.

Turkey pardon is an annual ritual. It became a tradition since George H.W. Bush decided that the presented to him turkey would not end up on a dinner table and granted a presidential pardon.

Breaking the turkey wishbone is another Thanksgiving tradition. Ancient Romans believed that chicken bones held the power of good fortune, so when pulling apart a wishbone, the good luck came upon the one who got the larger piece.

Football is also a part of Thanksgiving celebration. Back in the day the game was usually between Detroit Lions (Portsmouth Spartans) and Green Bay Packers, now there are more football games on Thanksgiving day.

Parades have been a part of Thanksgiving celebrations since the 20th century. For many people Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday shopping season, thus many stores started their promotions by sponsoring parades, such as Macy’s Parade and McDonald’s parade.

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