Dinkytown, Minnesota

Dinkytown is an area to the North of the University of Minnesota East Bank campus. The origin of the name is still being debated. According to one of the theories, it was named after the streetcars used at that time called Dinkys; others say it was named after a Gopher football player Frank “Dinky” Rog in late 40’s.

This neighborhood is famous for its unique history and great variety of apartments, entertainment, and restaurants. In the late 50’s through the 70’s, Dinkytown had the highest student population in the US. This is the place where the legendary Bob Dylan spent his early music career. He used to live in an apartment where the Loring Pasta Bar is now and a coffee house called the Ten O’clock Scholar is where he began to perform. How cool is that!

Dinkytown is a center of campus life. Since it is so close to the campus, a majority of its population are college students, and most of the properties are rental properties. According to Find the Home statistics, 94.5% of properties are likely to be rented out.

With a spectacular view of downtown,  Annie’s Parlour is a famous place for burgers, malts and fries. They have been serving malts since the 1970’s! It is a great place to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and a late night dinner.

Annies Parlour 1

Another great place is Al’s Breakfast. It is a tiny little diner that is known for great omelettes and mouthwatering buttermilk pancakes. Everything they offer is fresh and delicious, and the food is made right in front of you.

Al's Breakfast

Espresso Royale offers a warm and cozy atmosphere. It is perfect for students to study and enjoy the quiet. It is also a great summer cafe with a covered seasonal patio.

Espresso Royale 1


Espresso Royale 4

Looking for a place that not only offers a great dinner menu, but also has vegan and gluten free options? Check out Kafé 421 and their Greek influenced Menu.

Kafe 421 1

Another popular place is The Loring Pasta Bar. It is located in the building where Bob Dylan used to live in Minneapolis. If you are looking for a great atmosphere, live music and scrumptious food, this is the place to go.

Loring Pasta Bar 1

For those who like biking, there is Dinkytown Greenway,  a state bike highway and trail that goes along the Mississippi River. This half-mile trail is also great for evening strolls – you can walk to the Metrodome and Downtown, easily get to University of Minnesota, and enjoy the surrounding neighborhoods.

Dinkytown is, indeed, a “dinky” neighborhood with so many great places and entertainment! Share with us why you love Dinkytown!

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Neighborhood Schools

Faith Communities

 PEASE Academy  University Church of Lutheran Hope
 University Baptist Church
 St. Lawrence Catholic Church
 Sojourn Campus Church


Local Restaurants

 Varsity Theater  Loring Pasta Bar
 Kitty Kat Club  Al’s Breakfast
 The Library Bar  Kafe 421
 Blarney Pub & Grill  Annie’s Parlour
 Burrito Loco Bar & Grill  Mesa Pizza Dinkytown
 Shuang Cheng Restaurant