Accomplish Your Exercise Goals Through Home Maintenance

A guest post by Bryan Clayton.

Working around the house can help you accomplish some fantastic fitness goals. There’s almost always something to do to keep you busy around the home, and through working on your home’s maintenance, you can get some satisfying exercise.

A well cared for home takes real dedication and hard work, and the same can be said for the body. What most people don’t know is the incredible health benefits to home maintenance projects.

Mowing the Lawn

Outdoor chores and calories burned in one hour.

  • Mowing the grass – 400 calories
  • Raking – 384 calories
  • Building a fence – 340 calories
  • Shoveling snow – 576 calories
  • Hanging windows – 272 calories
  • Painting – 272 calories

Floor Work

Indoor chores and calories burned in one hour.

  • Laying carpet – 238 calories
  • Putting down tile or linoleum – 238 calories
  • Sanding floors – 238 calories
  • Wiring and plumbing – 136 calories

These home maintenance activities can also increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and bones and lower your risk of heart disease. Why not keep your body toned and fit all while beautifying your home front? Just remember to be safe.

Accomplishing a safe workout routine for maximum results.

  1. Avoid injury by stretching and warming up your muscles for 10 -15 minutes before beginning the chore.
  2. Alternate movements for a balance workout. Certain chores such as painting and raking can cause injury and imbalance if you do not alternate sides. It is a good idea to switch it up every 10 minutes or so.
  3. Really use your muscles. To reap the most reward, do not tackle a project half-heartedly. Really get your muscles engaged for maximum benefit
  4. Give your muscles a chance to slowly relax after hard work with a cool down. Walking around the property and admiring your handy work will do the job nicely.


On the days you just don’t have much to do around the house, it’s a good idea to have an alternative exercises planned. Whether it’s walking the dog, playing with the kids or going to the gym, staying active and healthy will help you when tackling your next home maintenance project.

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Photos by Dave ClarkStevegatto2 and Bryan Clayton.