5 Unusual Pets that are Legal to Own

While most people have stereotypical pets like birds, reptiles, cats and dogs,  these are some other interesting options for pets.  These pets, as told by CBS news , are legal in the United States.  However, while they might be legal in the United States, individual states might have regulations or laws against them.  Either way enjoy there unique cuteness!!

1) Capybara

This wonderful pet is from South America. It can live to be 8- 12 years and is the worlds largest rodent (CBS news) .

2) Serval

This pet originated from Central and South Africa and can live to 19 years of age.  It should be noted that it is most successful hunters of all wild cats (CBS news).

3) Wallaroo

The wallaroo is from Australia and is a mix between a kangaroo and wallaby.  It can live for 15-20 years old (CBS news) .
4) Axolotl

This unique looking reptile can be found in central Mexico.   This reptile is similar to a salamander however it is a stage behind it in development and still lives under water (CBS news).
5) Pot Bellied Pig

This adorable animal can be found in North and South America.  It can grow to be about the size of a medium dog and can live to 10- 15 years old (CBS news) .