5 Easy Ways to Lower Your Water Consumption Costs… and Help the Environment!


Flickr Creative Commons; Nick Nguyen

If paying a high water bill matters to you, and if saving money is essential, then this post and articles attached will be a money saver. Here are 5 easy tips on lowering your water consumption costs.

First, try to take shorter showers. Although we enjoy longer showers here and there, too many can be strain on your pocketbook and the environment. Another way to save is to not let the water run during showers or get water-saving showerheads.

Second, try to avoid running your dishwasher or washing machine on half full. That is huge waste of much needed water, plus that is a money spender. It would be better to wash dishes by hand and turn off the water off in-between each dish, yes, more work, but your wallet will thank you.

Third, look for and fix leaks around the outside and inside, look for those leaks that causes loss of water. You may not think it is a problem, but those small leaks can add up over time, even if you have a drip every minute, that is 60 drips in an hour!

Fourth, water your lawn only when it needs to be watered; also, don’t run a hose while washing your car.

Fifth, while brushing your teeth, if you can, turn off the faucet. By creating the imbalance of brushes verses water expediter, that’s a lot of unnecessary water expenditure.


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