Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Today is the first day of Spring, and spring cleaning.  With this great guide you’ll find tips for cleaning every room!


How to clean your dishwasher

Deodorizing drains

How to clean your oven

Sanitizing sponges

Clean and shine your microwave

Clean stainless steel appliances

Clean your coffee maker

-Laundry Room-

Stain solutions

Eliminate sticky residue an iron

How to clean your washing machine

Deep-cleaning the dryer


Homemade grout cleaner

Homemade daily shower spray

Refresh your commode with toilet fizzies

How to clean the toilet

Remove hard water stains with a lemon

Recharge your towels


How to clean pillows

How to clean your mattress

Clean the ceiling fan

-Living Room-

Homemade carpet cleaner and deodorizer

Clean the windows and more

Clean blinds (4 different ways)

Dust long-distances with a broom


Clean up the grill

Refresh your deck

Clean patio furniture

Remove oil stains on your driveway