10 Most Surprising Celebrities from the Mid-west

Being that we are realty company from Minnesota,  it is important to show a little Midwestern pride!  One way to do this is to honor the celebrities that came from the Midwest.  Here are a list  10 celebrities you would have never have guessed are from the Midwest!

1) Ashton Kutcher


Flickr Creative Commons: David Shankbone

This handsome fellow known for his roles in That 70’s Show, The Butterfly Effect, Just Married, and Valentines Day, was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Such a talented actor, does the Midwest proud!!

2) Melissa McCarthy


Flickr Creative Commons: IPAvocat

Ah Melissa McCarthy,  you are such a wonderfully hilarious and beautiful woman! Taking her talent to Hollywood, she has starred in major t.v. series like, Gilmore Girls and Mike and Molly, as well as popular movies, The Heat, Identity Theft, and Bridesmaids.   Such a popular and well liked actress, does her hometown of Plainfield Illinois proud!

3) Bill Murray


Flickr Creative Commons: David Shankbone

Popular actor and Hollywood funny man, Billy Murray is from Evanston Illinois.  Known for starring in What about Bob,  The Royal Tenebaums,  and Lost in Translation,  Bill Murray has created quite a name for himself in Hollywood.

4) Elijah Wood

The bearer of the one ring,  the hobbit always up for adventure, and A list celebrity Elijah Wood is from Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Known for his leading role in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the TV series Wilferd,  Elijah Wood, has transitioned from a childhood actor, to popular, down -to -earth, and wonderful  adult celebrity.

5) John C. Reilly

Yet another, funny man in Hollywood, John C Reilly has been making you laugh through his major roles in Step Brothers,  Tim and Eric Awesome Show, and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.   Such incredible talent can only be made, in the heart of the Midwest, Chicago Illinois.

6) Betty White

Betty White is an amazing women that has been a part of Hollywood for over 50 years!  This amazing actress from Oak Park, Illinois and has had major roles in Hot in Cleveland, Golden Girls, and the Proposal.

7) Chris Farley


Flickr Creative Commons: Alexander Plushev

One Hollywood’s greats taken too soon,  Chris Farley was from Madison Wisconsin.   This hilarious and upbeat actor is known best for his hysterical SNL Skits, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, and Beverley Hills Ninja.  With so much potential, it is sad to have lost his talent and big personality.

8) Jessica Biel


Flickr Creative Commons: Themeplus

Minnesota represent!!!!  This dashing beauty, popular actress, and wonderful women was born in Ely Minnesota.  Known for her roles in The Illusionist, Valentine’s Day, and Elizabethtown, she represents her home state amazingly.

9) Mark Ruffalo

Oh Mark Ruffalo,  you are adorable!  Born in Kenosha Wisconsin,  he took his talent and lovable personality to Hollywood to star in major films like The Hulk,  13 going on 30,  The Avengers,  and Now You See Me.   Way to go Mark Ruffalo!

10) Steven Spielberg

One of Hollywood’s most well known directors,  Steven Spielberg is from Cincinnati Ohio.  His talent and brilliant cinematic eye  has helped to create some of the best films ever produced.  He best known for his work in ET, Jurassic Park, and Jaws,  Saving Private Ryan, and War Horse.